Date:  11th November 2013, 12.30pm-1.30pm, Ken Mason Suite, School of Law
Speaker: Dr Shawn Harmon, Mason Institute, School of Law
Abstract: The use of art, literature, graphic literature and other popular media for disseminating technical and academic knowledge has become more prevalent.  But the use of the arts is not without controversy.  In the bioscientific context, popular depictions of science have been criticised for being too shallow and too dystopian.  These criticisms, however, have done little to stem the tide of graphic and fictional explorations of bioscientific innovations and trajectories.  The Graphic & Novel Project is an effort to explore values and interests through a character-driven speculative fiction illustrated novel called Fever Medicine while simultaneously trying to avoid some of the common complaints levelled against fictional portrayals.  After exploring the background against which the GNP emerged, this paper identifies the scenario-building process that led to Fever Medicine and articulates how it is to be used as a discursive tool moving forward.
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MI Lunch: The development of the graphic novel
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