By Sarah Chan and Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra

It is with a sense of deep honour that we take on the mantle of Directors of the JK Mason Institute. As we joined our colleagues to celebrate the life and work of JK Mason on the 18th of September, we were keenly aware of the awe-inspiring legacy that Prof. Mason has left behind him and the manner in which colleagues have worked to keep his memory and spirit alive through the work of the institute. Our deepest thanks go to founding Director, Prof. Graeme Laurie, who has been an inspiring leader, and to the members of the Institute for creating a vibrant, supportive and interdisciplinary research and teaching community in the MI’s first five years.

As we embark on this new chapter in MI’s history, we fully rely on the enthusiasm of old and new colleagues in further growing our strengths as a community and exploring future avenues to develop and promote the Mason Institute vision. We would like to take this opportunity to renew a warm welcome to all members and associates to contribute to MI events and activities.


Mason Institute: Looking ahead