The Mason Institute Research Community is made up of a group of researchers in and around Edinburgh, who participate in MI activities such as reading and writing retreats, work in progress seminars and lunch seminars.

Craig Purshouse

Dr Craig Purshouse is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Leeds. His research interests are in torts law and medical law. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Medical Law Review and his research has been cited by the Court of Appeal of Singapore and the United Kingdom Supreme Court.


Sridhar Venkatapuram

Global Health Ethics
World Health Organization

Sridhar Venkatapuram is a Senior Lecturer in Global Health & Philosophy at King’s College London.  He has trained in various disciplines including international relations (Brown), public/global health (Harvard), sociology (Cambridge) and political philosophy (Cambridge).  He ‘tries’ to bridge normative ethical reasoning, particularly about social justice, with relevant natural and social sciences related to human health.  Some topics Sridhar has addressed include the philosophy of the human right to health, health inequalities, global health justice, and global/social determinants of disease and mortality.  He is currently a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow working in the Global Health Ethics Unit of the World Health Organization helping develop ethical guidance for healthy ageing policies.  His first book is Health Justice, an argument from the capabilities approach (Polity).

Fabiana Arzuaga

Doctor in Law (University of Buenos Aires)
Professor of Regulation of Biotechnology at the University of Buenos Aires and Patent Law at FLACSO (Latin American University of Social Sciences).
Chair of the Advisory Commission on Advanced Therapies at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovative Production  and Ministry of Health of Argentina.

Additionally, Fabiana has been advisor to the Science and Technology Commission (formed by the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentinean Parliament) and advisor to the REDBIO Foundation on Intellectual Property Issues (formed by Redbio/FAO).

She combines her academic activities with her work as intellectual property and patent lawyer, having a particular specialty and experience in international trade law, intellectual property rights and regulations associated with biotechnology and health law. She has worked for a multinational seeds and biotechnological company and in her role as Global Intellectual Property Manager she managed regulatory issues and a patent and trademarks portfolio in more tan 45 countries.

 Fabiana is currently undertaking ambitious research on the field of regulation of new technologies in health . She promoted the creation of RED APTA, (Argentinean Network of Patients’ Associations for Advanced Therapies). In 2014 he founded ACTYON Foundation, a NGO devoted to promote research and new technologies accessibility in the field of health. She combines and synergises her role as associate professor to the Mason Institute and Innogen Research Foundation, University of Edinburgh.