Research Projects:

Animal, Machine and Me: The Search for Replaceable Hearts
MI Contact: Gill Haddow
Funder: Wellcome Trust

Banking (On) the Brain
MI Contact: Shawn Harmon, Gill Haddow, Graeme Laurie
Funder: Arts and Humanities Research Council

Implantable Smart Technologies: Technical, Social and Regulatory
MI Contact: Shawn Harmon, Gill Haddow
Funder: Edinburgh Law School, ESRC Innogen Centre, Moray Endowment Fund

Making Genomic Medicine
MI Contact: Catherine Heeney
Funder: Wellcome Trust

Recovering Cancer Patients Views On In-Vivo Biosensors
MI Contact: Gill Haddow
Funder: ESRC Innogen Centre, Jamie King Urology Fund