Mason Institute Roundtable. Protecting and Promoting: Can regulatory stewardship lead the way in health research? 29 March, 2019, School of Law, University of Edinburgh. Organised by Edward Dove.


Mason Institute Symposium. Healthcare Professionals’ Duty of Care: Should it extend from patients to genetic relatives? 12 June, 2018, School of Law, University of Edinburgh. Organised by Edward Dove.

Liminal Spaces Workshop: Regulating for Uncertainty. 1-2 February, 2018, Wellcome, London
by Nayha Sethi, Edward Dove, Catriona McMillan, Graeme Laurie, Isabel Fletcher, Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra, Emily Postan and Annie Sorbie.


Governing Health Research from Within: Empowering the Actors Who Occupy Regulatory Spaces. 26‐27 January 2017: Wellcome, London.
By Agomoni Ganguli Mitra


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