Medical law and ethics is one of the strongest fields in Edinburgh Law School for doctoral study, with a vibrant student body, regularly attracting between 15-20 doctoral candidates studying in the area. Supervisors have expertise across a wide range of topics including interdisciplinary areas (e.g. criminal, IP, and SPS), and are attached to several high profile university centres such as the Mason Institute, the Innogen Institute, the Usher Institute, the Arts and Ethics Research Group, Centre for Law and Society, the Global Justice Academy and the Global Health Academy.

Staff welcome doctoral applications, particularly in the following areas: health research regulation, global health justice, privacy and confidentiality, health research commercialisation, medical negligence and medical product liability, new health technologies, theoretical and applied bioethics, health equity and distributive, arts humanities and bioethics, and gender and reproductive health.

The Mason Institute contributes to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and classes in medical jurisprudence and ethics, medical research law and ethics, public health law and ethics, and related topics like intellectual property, focusing on emerging medico-legal and ethical issues, and the need of vulnerable populations.

Postgraduate Programmes

LLM Medical Law and Ethics (On Campus)

LLM Medical Law and Ethics (Online Distance Learning)

Online CPD Courses

Law and Medical Ethics