Mason Institute Visiting Fellowships

The Mason Institute’s Visiting Fellows programme offers scholars in medical law, bioethics and related disciplines the opportunity to spend a period of time conducting their research in a stimulating interdisciplinary environment, as part of the University of Edinburgh’s vibrant research community, while enjoying the rich cultural life and picturesque surrounds of the historic city of Edinburgh.

The Mason Institute is based in the School of Law, located in Old College, in the centre of Edinburgh. Our research community includes lawyers, bioethicists and social scientists working on a wide range of topics at the interface of medicine, life science and law.

During their stay, Visiting Fellows will be provided with access to University facilities including workspace, library and IT access, and will have the opportunity to work alongside Mason Institute researchers, take part in MI activities and research meetings, and attend other events across the University. They will give informal talks on their research and may also be invited more formally to participate in events such as the MI Lunch seminar series or MI Lecture. Each Visiting Fellow will have a sponsor from the MI Executive Committee who will act as a point of contact and assist in organising their participation in these activities.

Visiting Fellows will ordinarily be responsible for their own costs, including travel, accommodation and subsistence.

We welcome applications from scholars at all levels. Visiting Fellows will generally spend between two weeks and three months at MI; longer or shorter visits may be possible by arrangement.

To apply, please send a brief CV (up to 2 pages) and statement of your research interests, including your reasons for wanting to spend time at MI. Mason Institute Visiting Fellows Application

If you have already identified a possible Sponsor for your visit within MI, you may send them this information directly. Otherwise, applications and general inquiries should be directed to:

Visiting Edinburgh: travel, accommodation and local facilities

Edinburgh has an international airport (EDI) and can also be reached by train (to Edinburgh Waverley) from other major cities in the UK.

Short-term accommodation in Edinburgh is usually readily available (with the exception of August) on a nightly, weekly or monthly basis; prices vary depending on the time of year but as a rough guide, visitors should allow £80 per night for hotel stays, and from £300 per week for short-term apartment rental. Your MI Sponsor may be able to offer advice and assistance in finding accommodation.

Edinburgh is a major city with extensive shopping, dining and entertainment options. For groceries and other daily needs, there are several supermarkets and other shops within a few minutes’ walk of Old College.